Pride Pageant

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Mid-South Pride is looking for representatives dedicated to stepping up and making a difference in our community.



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Do you know what it takes to be crowned Mid-South Pride royalty? Join us for a magnificent evening of rhinestones and tiaras as local performers compete for the opportunity to represent our community. There will be special guest performances, drinks, refreshments, and a unique opportunity to honor the reigning titleholder(s) as they make way for the newly-crowned court to embark on their journey. So come as you are, celebrate with your chosen family, and let’s celebrate our Mid-South Pride royalty!

This year we are honoring our 2023 Mr. Mid-South Pride, Eli Golden Valentino and our Miss Mid-South Pride Moth Moth Moth! Thank you both for your service!

Pride Royalty

Moth Moth Moth

Miss Mid-South Pride 2023

Eli Golden Valentino

Mr Mid-South Pride 2023
justin allen tate 2020

Justin Allen Tate

Mr Mid-South Pride 2020
Pretti Golden St James

Pretti Golden St James

Miss Mid-South Pride 2019

Shonn Monroe Dupree

Mr Mid-South Pride 2018


Miss Mid-South Pride 2018
Will ryder 2017

Will Ryder

Mr Mid-South Pride 2017
freaknasty 2017


Miss Mid-South Pride 2017
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