Mid-South Pride

Grand Marshal Nominations

Mid-South Pride's annual parade is a vibrant celebration of diversity and perseverance, and at the forefront of this celebration are the grand marshals who lead the way.

Why Nominate Grand Marshals?

Nominating someone for Grand Marshal in a Pride Parade is an opportunity to recognize and honor an individual’s contributions to the LGBTQ+ community. It serves as a visible symbol of the community’s  strength and leadership, and having someone represent a particular theme or message can help to highlight important issues affecting the community. The Grand Marshal’s prominent position can draw attention to the parade and its message, making it a powerful tool for advocacy and awareness-raising. Participating in the nomination process and supporting the Grand Marshal can also help bring people together and foster a sense of unity, highlighting the resilience of the LGBTQ+ community and the contributions of its members.

What are we looking for?

We recognize our Grand Marshal’s as outstanding members and allies of the LGBTQ community. The honorary title of Grand Marshal is granted to those who possess a strong role in advocacy or make a significant stand for those in our community. They have helped to build and work to sustain a strong sense of pride throughout the years and want to make Memphis and the Mid-South a better place for members of the LGBTQ population to live.

Now Accepting Nominations

Nominations are accepted year-round and community participation is strongly encouraged. A few months before the festival, the community will be asked to vote for nominated candidates. Grand Marshals are typically announced about 30 days before Memphis Pride Fest.

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized for their work? Use the Nomination Form to submit your entry.

Past Grand Marshals

From activists and community leaders to artists and advocates, the grand marshals of Mid-South Pride represent the very best of the LGBTQ+ community. In this list, we’ll introduce you to some of these remarkable individuals and the incredible work they’ve done to create a better, more accepting world for us all. Let their stories inspire you to continue the fight for equality and love and to always stand up for what’s right, no matter the obstacles.

regina hillman

Regina Hillman

2022 Grand Marshal
Ray Rico_building front_2 (1)

Ray Rico

2022 Grand Marshal

Artavius Veasy

2022 Grand Marshal
elijah townsend

Elijah Townsend

2021 Grand Marshal
Dr. Shawn Hayden

Dr. Shawn Hayden

2021 Grand Marshal
DeWayne Murrell

Dwayne Murrell

2020 Grand Marshal
Aubrey Ombre (2)

Aubrey Ombre

2020 Grand Marshal
phillis lewis

Phillis Lewis

2020 Grand Marshal
anthony r. g. hardaway 2015

Anthony R.G. Hardaway

2020 Grand Marshal
Aubrey DePew sq 2019

Aubrey DePew

2019 Grand Marshal
Jonathan Ealy sq 2019

Jonathan Ealy

2019 Grand Marshal
iris lefluer 2013 sq

Iris Le’Fleur

2018 Grand Marshal
John Micheal Alderson sq 2018

John Micheal Alderson

2018 Grand Marshal
Jasmine Tasaki sq 2018

Jasmine Tasaki

2018 Grand Marshal
Tanesha Jackson sq 2017

Tanesha Jackson

2017 Grand Marshal
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